2013 Ford Focus ST

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This very fun and very orange hatch is a blast on winding roads. With a super fast steering, stick shift, playful chassis and 250hp/360lb-ft going to the front wheels, it’s one of those cars that make you take always the long way to the grocery.

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The car often travels between Pittsburgh and Fleetwood, so try to make a request at least 1 week in advance. Days/hours are flexible, just send a request and I will do my best to comply. I can also pick you up from within Reading. Thanks!

Passenger Ride: 0 $/hour
(+1 passenger: 0 $/hour)
Co-drive: 0 $/hour
Ride Swap: Free
Pickup & drop off: 1 $/mil

Co-drive requirements
You must take a passenger ride first

Long ride discount: %20